Initial Market Research

Before going about research, I investigated which market sectors and products are most relevant to my research. My research applies most directly to the following sectors:

  • Video game industry ($134.9 billion),
  • Education (49,000 establishments, $30.7 billion),
  • Software ($407.3 billion).

The big players in the video game industry are:

  1. Sony ($76 billion annual revenue)
  2. Tencent ($56 billion annual revenue)
  3. Microsoft ($125 billion annual revenue)
  4. Nintendo ($12 billion annual revenue)
  5. Activision Blizzard ($6.5 billion annual revenue)

The products I currently noted that are relevant to my research are:

  1. SpeedTree
  2. NanoTale
  3. Empires of the Undergrowth
  4. Spore
  5. Godus

I believe that the people who stand to benefit from my small research project are indie developers or small game dev. teams with more innovative game ideas. The main challenges such people face is making working games that are not too far-reaching and are marketable. Indie developers usually appreciate novelty and interesting game design more than large game dev companies. Indie developers often do not have that much money at their disposal, but they have more freedom and time available to experiment with interesting concepts. It is also usually easier to do rapid game development on a smaller scale team.